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Beth-spring-2012-1311-225x300My name is Valerie Dansereau and I am originally from Massachusetts but currently reside in South Carolina. I am a mother, grandmother and widow. I am a lover of nature, music, literature and life.

And I am a writer.

I recently launched my copywriting business at Simply Results Copy. If you are looking for a copywriter or a web content provider, I’d love for you to come visit me there.

I decided to blog about happiness because I want to be happy more often than I am unhappy. One day on the Oprah show I heard the author Sarah Ban Breathnach say that she wrote Simple Abundance because it had lessons she needed to learn – she wrote the book because she needed to read it.

I have started to write Learning Happiness because I need to read it.

In the space of two years, my husband’s health failed due to liver disease. He ended up on hospice care and passed away in November 2012.  Eight months before he died, we had a house fire and lost most of our possessions.

During the worst of times, I found that reading quotes and wise sayings often kept me going. I guess you could call me a quote junkie. With each loss, I have worked to focus on what I have left. And I have worked to find something to smile about every day.

At times I am sad. I believe in the grieving process. But life is too short to live in sadness.

I want to learn to be happy, one thought at a time.

I hope you will join me on my journey.



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